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Sedecal X-ray Equipment

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X-ray System for Veterinary Clinics
Sedecal Vet-Ray is #1 in the USA! ClassicXray, an authorized factory direct sales representative for Vet-Ray by Sedecal, is pleased to offer Sedecal's Vet-Ray line of veterinary x-ray systems. Both Flat Panel and CCD DR technology is available through

The Vet-Ray range of High-Frequency Systems are built to stringent quality standards, and totally compliant with CE directives and IEC safety standards. The product range includes full systems, with 4-way floating tables, single touch dual function monitors, combined with the technology of one of the world's highest-performing high-frequency generators. Most systems include a 5 YEAR warranty!

Sedecal Digital Features
Sedecal is the only manufacturer on the market that has provided veterinary digital systems with the same technology used in medical x-ray equipment.

In Sedecal's digital models with touch screen application software located on the collimator console, images are transferred to the main software image processing the following information:

•Category of animal
•Selected anatomical region
•Exposed anatomical projection, parameters of radiographic technique (kV, mA, mAs; milliseconds), thickness of the anatomic area (in cm), presence of the grille, side marker point, and so on.

sedecal touch screen.jpg SedecalDX9.jpg
Produce an image at your finger tips in 6 seconds! No hassle of chemicals or x-ray film!

This level of integration, which is typical of Digital Systems of Medicine, is also present in digital equipment Veterinary SEDECAL.
This level of technology is not available in CR systems (phosphor screen), or other Veterinary digital equipment from other manufacturers.

Sedecal Vet-ray Pricing offers you high quality digital veterinary x-ray equipment at an affordable price. With prices starting around $40,000 for a complete high frequency digital x-ray system with a CCD digital detector, we can fit any budget. And that is an installed price, so there are no hidden extras to bust your budget. YES, we do install across the entire USA! Complete flat panel DR systems are available and installed for around $79,900 which includes the complete high frequency x-ray system with a flat panel DR detector installed. That's a price point that some competitors start at just to retrofit a flat panel into an existing x-ray.

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Contact Jerry at 573-308-4448 to customize an x-ray system to meet your needs.

We would be pleased to send you literature, a price quotation, a demo CD, or visit you for a FREE, no obligation site evaluation to personally and honestly discuss your x-ray needs.
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