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X-ray Protection - Aprons, Vests, and Raks

With the new FeatherLite™ line of Protective Apparel from Wolf, both the healthcare professional and the patient get the maximum protection possible. That's because FeatherLite™ apparel is constructed with superior materials that provide comprehensive protection for you... yet are so comfortable in comparison to what you are wearing right now, that they actually help defeat fatigue.

Our protective apparel is designed to shield you against scatter radiation... ions that are bouncing around the OR, cath lab or cardio lab at around one-fifth the power but is still dangerous with long term unprotected exposure. We design our aprons and garments to shield your vital organs from the front of the neck right down to the mid-thigh.

When you need to be at your best... in an OR, cardio lab, cath lab or other high stress environment in the midst of a 12-hour shift, FeatherLite™ aprons and apparel are the best tools you can use.

Choose from:

LiteLead, which is a lightweight lead that is almost 27% lighter than traditional lead materials yet provides .5 mm lead equivalent.

NoLead, which is Wolf's non-toxic composite of metals including tin, tungsten, bismuth and antimony that provides a .5 mm lead equivalent at 60-70% the weight of lead.

These protective materials are encased in soft-to-the-touch, moisture and stain resistant taffeta material that are designed for maximum comfort and is flexible enough for every possible body movement.


Safety First! No one offers you a wider selection of protective equipment than ClassicXray. Because uncomfortable protective wear can be a heavy burden that contributes to fatigue, our exclusive "Tailored by Wolf™" approach ensures your protective apparel fits you and only you... balancing comfort, protection and good looks like none other. Our aprons are available in 10 styles, 45 standard sizes and custom sizes, 17 colors and patterns and a choice of 3 types of lead equivalency. Let us meet your needs and customize your x-ray protection. Call Jerry at 573-308-4448.

We also carry 4 types of gloves and 5 apron/glove storage units.

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