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ClassicXray Mobile X-ray Tables

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Mobile X-Ray Tables - A Basic, Economical Imaging Solution!

The CXR-3199 Mobile X-Ray Table offers a great balance between quality, versatility and economy. The CXR-3199 tables are designed for extreme stability and longevity, complimented with excellent radiolucency from a table top to reduce radiation exposure for patients and extend the life of x-ray tubes.

The CXR-3199 Mobile X-Ray Table is made with a heavy-duty steel frame to provide maximum rigidity. The frame with the radiolucent tabletop can support up to a 300 lb. (136 kg) patient weight. The optional 12" drop leaf can support 20 lbs and is available for right or left side installation.

This table height is 28" high (71 cm) for easy patient access. The 24 width (61 cm) is standard, and the length is available at 76" (193 cm) or 56" (142 cm). The included Grid Cabinet & Cassette Tray travel the entire length of the table enabling imaging studies anywhere along the length of the table. Grid is included in 103 LPI, 8:1 ratio style. Other grid styles available upon request.

The table comes fully assembled except for the four legs that must be bolted to the bottom of the table. 1" thick (2.5 cm) radio-lucent mattress or 4" thick (10 cm) non-radiolucent comfort mattress are available options. Let us customize a table to fit your needs! Call 573-308-4448.

The CXR-3199 sets the standard today for cost-effective mobile x-ray tables.
Mobile X-ray Table
$2,595.00 $2,395.00 On Sale!
New USA made CXR-3199 x-ray table with standard equipment listed above and including: table, cassette tray & grid cabinet with grid.

Simple! The tabletop is fully assembled, and the 4 legs just bolt on. The end-user can use any cassette-sized CR panel, DR panel, or cassette with film for setup.
The standard configuration is packed in a 80" x 32" x 18" pallet that weighs 175 lbs.

OPTIONS: drop leaf extension, or for U-arm systems - without the cassette and grid cabinet.

Please specify table configuration below:

CXR-3199 Table Specifications
CXR x-ray table specs.bmp

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Made in USA
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